Sunday, May 10, 2015

Documented Life Project May 2 (Week #18) ~ The Planning & Inspiration (Part II)!

Happy Mother's Day!

Hey guys, I am back with Part II of my DLP May 2 (Week #18). In Part I, I shared my "step out" art journaling process. Today, I simply want to share pictures of what my layout looks after a week's worth of planning & creating.

Documented Life Project 
May 2 (Week #18) ~ 
The Planning & Inspiration Board

Left Side

Right Side


 The alpha stamp set used in this layout is the Studio L2E "Wu Wu" Alphabet stamp set:

Thanks for stopping by today. Many blessings to all of the mother's out there. I especially want to thank my mother for all that she has sacrificed and done for me. I am eternally grateful to God for the mom He chose for me. LOVE YOU, mom! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

Much love,


  1. Hi there and Happy Mothers Day to you. I have happily landed upon your blog today and just had to leave you a note in appreciation of your beautiful work and your very interesting blog. So helpful in the way that you've laid out your steps to your creations. Already taking notes and has helped me so much to understand certain tools that I've heard about in videos but didn't quite *get* what they were talking about. LOL...seemed like space talk to me at first. Like Gellatos..Geli Plates and Ephemra. I feel so accomplished already knowing what the heck they are talking about now!
    Anyway...long comment here. Just wanted to let you know that you are appreciated and what you've put online has helped me so much. Kudos. Gayle

    1. Good Morning, Gayle! OMg, THANK YOU for your kindness & encouragement. It blesses me to know that you have found my blog helpful. THAT makes my day!!!! I have learned so much over the past couple of years and if I can help someone else, it is worth all of the sacrifices. I bless you in your artsy endeavors. Thanks again! MUCH LOVE!