Saturday, April 11, 2015

Documented Life Project April 5 (Week # 14) Using Pocket Letter Ephemera (Part II)!

Hey everyone! This past Wednesday, I shared the art journaling portion of my DLP April 5 (Week #14) layout. Today, I thought I would share the planning portion of my layout.

This week, I wanted to incorporate some of the yummy bits & pieces that I have received in some pretty awesome pocket letters from several of my Instagram buddies. If you are not familiar with pocket letters, it is essentially a form of pen paling using baseball sized page protectors. You simply fill the pockets with information about yourself, ephemera, post it notes, stickers, tea, candy, sequins, decorative paper clips, or other fun goodies. The "oh so sweet" Janette Lane, creator of the pocket letter, explains the concept beautifully in her YouTube video entitled, "Pocket Letters: Basic Tutorial".

Here is a sample of one of my mixed media style pocket letters:

Mixed Media Style Pocket Letter

Mixed Media Bits & Pieces in the Pocket Letter

I absolutely love that each pocket letter you receive is unique and that they can easily be stored 3-ring binders. You simply flip through the pages and select the pieces you would like to use in your planner or pocket scrapbooking album.

Pocket Letter Storage

Pictured below, the seashell & starfish images (from debravb5509) tie in wonderfully with my "water" themed DLP layout, while the "enjoy" & pink camera ephemera (from icreateprettythings) remind me that it truly is a blessing that I get to capture & document my life in a creative way. 

This super cute coffee cup (from tiffanytoldson ) has my favorite brand of coffee on the label while the double heart punchinella (from bonitarosek) adds another layer of mixed media goodness to my week.

The vibrant painted cardstock with the words "adventure" on it (from babsfabz) is the perfect backdrop for my Bible verse. And finally, how can you have a water/ocean theme without birds??? I used this awesome original photography (from bonitarosek) to complete my water scene.

DLP Week #14 To Date

Studio L2E Planner Stamp Sets

Used in this Layout

Creative Team
March Release Exclusive

Have a wonderful week!

Happy art journaling/planning,


  1. love how you use all your little bits... including my bird pics and my heart punch outs.. way to go!

    1. Hi Bonita! Thank YOU for such an awesome pocket letter. It was absolutely PERFECT! XOXO

  2. Hi Shelly,
    I liked the idea of pocket letters and pocket scrapbooking. I will have to try this!


    1. Hi friend! You certainly do! It is SUPER FUN to exchange goodies with other crafty peeps! Many blessings to you!