Friday, March 6, 2015

Documented Life Project February 28 Challenge (Week #9)!

Hey guys! I am back today with my Documented Life Project layout for the February 28th challenge.

February Theme
Layers You Will Love!
February 28
Art ChallengeUsing at Least Five Layers
Journal Prompt: Give Me a High Five

I interpreted this week's challenge two different ways:

Part I ~ The Art Journal
"FIVE" different layers for my art journal background
1. Gesso
2. Watercolor
3. Acrylic Paint
4. Hand Carved Stamps
5. Journaling & Doodling

Part II ~ The Planner
"FIVE" distinct journaling spots on my 'tip-in' for note taking throughout the week.
I created some DIY Mixed Media Watercolor Ephemera.

Here is a walk through of the "FIVE" background layers:

1. Gesso

Started with Canson Mixed Media Paper

Grabbed this "Numbers" Stencil from my Stash

Used Gesso with the Stencil to Create Texture

 2. Watercolor 

Used Peerless Watercolors on the Gesso
(See my Previous Post: 

DIY: Moleskine Peerless 
Watercolor Palette! HERE)

More Watercolor Marks & Doodles


3. Acrylic Paint

Acrylic Paint Clusters of Ovals & Dots

4. Hand Carved Stamps

Hand Carved Stamps with Black Archival Ink

5. Journaling & Doodling 

Doodling & Journaling with a Black
Uni-Ball Signo Pen

The final layout:

Left Side

Right Side


"FIVE" Distinct Journaling Spots  

Tip-In (Front) with Four of the
"FIVE" Journaling Spots

Journaling Spots #1 Through #4
(Tutorial for DIY Mixed Media 

Watercolor Journal Card #2 HERE)

Tip-In Back with the Fifth Journaling Spot
(Tutorial for Mixed Media
 Watercolor Journal Card #5 HERE)
If you would like to see my "step-by-step" tutorial on how I created my mixed media watercolor spots, please checkout my corresponding blog post entitled "DIY Mixed Media Watercolor Planner Ephemera" on the Studio L2e blog.

Used in this Layout:

Creative Team Exclusive

Have a GREAT weekend!


  1. wow. this really is amazing stuff...gorgeous spread! it's hard for me to cover up the good stuff...

    1. Oh, thank you Dianne. I struggle with "covering up good stuff, too". I think we all face that. However, the final layers ALWAYS seem to WIN in the end. Thanks for the love! Many blessings to you!!! :D

  2. Oh Wow! This is so fun. I love the texture, colors and layout. Then the day's of the week are cool and the 5 journal pages. Your so creative! Love it :)

    1. Chandra, THANK YOU for taking time out of your day to leave me such a sweet comment. This layout was a ton of fun! Enjoy your day, my dear! XOXO