Monday, March 2, 2015

Conversations with God (God Notes)!

I am often asked about my love for art & creativity. The TRUTH of the matter is that it all comes from GOD ALONE. When I spend time with Him each day, He gives me EVERYTHING I, strength, joy, hope, love, forgiveness, creativity, etc. The list is ENDLESS. HE IS MY SOURCE FOR EVERYTHING!

My husband & I both LOVE the Word from the pastors at The Brooklyn Tabernacle in New York City. Throughout the week, we often have conversations about how the Lord spoke to us during the messages. God usually speaks to us in very similar ways. However, in my personal time with the Lord, I prefer to take notes in a creative way. For me, I am able to remember things better if I write things down on lots of COLOR. I guess that is because I am a "visual" learner.

Today, I thought I would give you a "sneak peek" inside my "Conversations with God (God Notes)" journal. It is a thin Vera Bradley notebook that I use to take notes during my quiet time or when I am listening to my favorite pastors. God not only draws me closer to Himself during this precious time, but He also teaches me about creativity. He is the best art teacher EVER. NOTHING can compare to His Masterpieces!

My Vera Bradley
Conversations With God (God Notes) Journal

Here is a "flip~through" of some of my most recent "Conversations with God (God Notes):

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Beautiful! Each and every page is full of life and truth! Thank you! :o)

    1. Hi Nancy! THANK YOU so very much for you kindness. It blesses me. Much love to, my dear! XOXO