Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Documented Life Project February 21 Challenge (Week #8)!

Hi everyone! Today, I will be sharing my interpretation of the Documented Life Project challenge for this week. 

February Theme
Layers You Will Love!
February 21
Art Challenge: Repeating Elements
Journal Prompt: It's Worth Repeating

This was the PERFECT opportunity to dig into my treasure box of hand carved stamps for this 'repeating elements' art challenge & journal prompt.

Documenting Life Project February 21 (Week #8)
Art Journal/Planner Layout

I store all of my hand carved stamps in this black, metal box. I found this cutie at one of my local vintage spots for only $4. 

Vintage Metal Treasure Box

My Hand Carved Stamps Inside My
Metal Organizer

When I think of "repeating patterns" I can't help but think of all the amazing patterns by mixed media artist, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer. Her "Onion Skin" stencil pattern is my FAVORITE repeating pattern of all time. The onion layers remind me that my life is a "work in progress". God will lovingly 'peel back' things in my life that don't glorify Him to reveal the beauty of Christ.

Julie Fe-Fan Balzer's
"Onion Skin" Stencil

I recreated this "onion skin" pattern in one of my hand carved stamps. On the reverse side of the same stamp, I carved a repeating circles pattern. The large circle, arrow & flower petal stamps were also "must-haves" for this week's challenge.

I also wanted to somehow incorporate this "Indigo Pop" Vera Bradley floral pattern & color pallete in my layout.

Vera Bradley "Indigo Pop" Floral Pattern
& Color Pallete

Here is a 'step-out' picture process of how all the 'repeating elements' panned out:

Started with a Dylusions Ink Background
To Recreate the Vera Bradley Color Palette

Pattern #1 ~ Stamped 'Leaf Shaped'
Circles with Black StazOn Ink

to Mimic the "Onion Skin" Stencil

Pattern #2 ~ Stamped Circles
on Painted Deli Paper in Black Ink,

Cut Them Out & Adhered
Them to My Background with
Uhu Glue

Pattern # 3 ~ Stamped Flower Petals
Around the Circles in Black Ink

to Recreate the Vera Bradley
"Indigo Pop" Floral Pattern
Pattern #4 ~ Partially Stamped the Onion
Skin Stamp with Black Ink to
Frame the Layout

Pattern #5 ~ Stamped Black Lines Throughout
for Journaling During the Week

Pattern #6~ Randomly Stamped Arrows
on the Background with Silver Ink from

the Target Dollar Spot Section

Here is the final layout:

Left Side

Right Side


Documented Life Project February 21 (Week #8)
Studio L2E Planner Stamp Sets
Used in this Layout

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Fantastic, thanks so much for the help. Where do you find the Deli paper? Blessings, Janet, DLP

    1. Hi JKW! My pleasure! Thank YOU for your kindness. My FAVORITE deli paper is Logan wrap from Amazon. Link is below. Please let me know if you have any other questions. MANY blessings to you! XOXO http://www.amazon.com/Length-Eco-pac-Natural-Interfolded-Sheets/dp/B00GO5X3E0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1424789222&sr=8-1&keywords=logan+wrap+deli+paper

  2. You are inspiring me! I am sure every piece you do is as beautiful as the last!

    1. Oh, THANK YOU so much, HelenRae! Your kindness is such a blessing. I am having so much fun with these challenges. Much love to you! :D