Friday, February 27, 2015

DIY: Moleskine Peerless Watercolor Palette!

I recently invested in some Nicholson's Peerless Watercolors for my Documented Life Project art journal/planner. These highly concentrated mineral dyes have been infused in special fabric paper and produce super vibrant watercolors when activated with water.

Peerless Watercolors by Nicholson

The "Jane Davenport" Artist Edition contains 60 (2x2) Peerless Watercolor sheets.

"Jane Davenport"  Peerless Watercolors

The "Pretty In Pink" edition contains 6 (6x6) Peerless Watercolor sheets.

"Pretty In Pink" Peerless Watercolors

I was looking for a creative way to organize my new watercolors for "in studio" & "on-the-go" art journal play. I absolutely LOVED Julie Ebersole's DIY Portable Palette Tutorial on YouTube. She even provided a 'downloadable' Portable Peerless Watercolor Grid on the Ellen Hutson website for convenience. I simply "tweaked" a couple of Julie's super easy steps in the DIY process for my watercolor storage solution. 

Here is how I created my DIY Moleskine Peerless Watercolor Palette:                                  
Used a Recollections Punch to Cut
1 inch Color Samples
in the Peerless Watercolor Sheets

Randomly Arranged the 1x1
Watercolor Samples
on Julie's Downloadable 

Peerless Portable Palette
from the Ellen Hutson Website

Grabbed My Pentel 
Aqua Brush
from My Art Tool Cart

Swatched Each Color with
the Aqua Brush

Grabbed this Vintage, Navy
 2 1/2x4 Moleskine
Journal from My Stash.
It fits inside my Hand!!!

1. Grouped the Watercolor Samples into
Color Families
 (Reds, Oranges, etc). 2.Adhered the
1x1 Peerless Watercolor Sample to
a Page in my Moleskine Journal with Uhu Glue
(One Sample Per Page). 2. Swatched
the Color with my Aqua Brush.

Flip Inside My Moleskine
Peerless Watercolor Palette!

Repeated the Above Process for
All of the Color Samples.

 Added a Vera Bradley Binder Clip.
 And Voila'!
My DIY Moleskine

 Peerless Watercolor
Palette is Complete!

I absolutely LOVE the size & portability of this DIY Moleskine Peerless Watercolor Palette. There is also plenty of room to write notes and indicate my favorite colors on each of the journal pages. The best part of all is that the pages will 'wrinkle' and get all 'inky' over time the more I use it. OH YEAH! :D

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  1. Great idea! That will be one delicious little book! :)

    1. Oh, "HI", Anna! Thank you! I can't wait to TOTALLY WRECK this baby! LOL! SMOOCHES! ;D

  2. HI Shelly, You know I'm new to this mixed media stuff and I'm not familiar with watercolor sheets. Am I understanding correctly that they are fabric papers that when you wet them with a brush they turn into watercolors? Your sample book is really pretty and cute. I love the compact portable size. I'm learning a lot about art supplies from your posts. Do you live in an area with lots of craft stores or do you order most of your supplies online?

    1. Hi Gemiel! Thanks for your note & comment. I have a couple of local art supply stores about 30 minutes away. However, both tend to be quite pricey. I prefer to purchase art supplies online at AMAZON or ETSY. I simply check the sellers review percentages before buying. I ordered the Peerless Watercolor straight from the manufacturer because that offered all of collections. I hope this helps!