Thursday, January 8, 2015

"Documenting My December 2014" ~ Tackling My Week #52 'Christmas Week' Pocket Scrapbooking Layout!

Okay, as expected, my Week #52 Christmas week layout was MASSIVE ;D! After scrolling through all of the pics on my phone and thinking through how to BEST tell my family's Christmas story, I finally came up with a game plan. Today, I thought I would walk you through my decision making process & how I tackled this event-filled week.

Prep Work

1. First, I printed all of my photos on my Canon Selphy printer gathered all of the ephemera I collected thoughout the week. Because my photos are printed on 4x6 sheets, I simply scaled them down with my paper cutter to highlight the focal points. In the end, I had about 24 different pictures/bits of ephemera that could occupy page protector pockets.

Photos & Ephemera

2. Based on my 24 pics/ephemera pieces, I decided to use the Project Life Design P Panoramic page protector to house all of my memories. It has 24 (4x4) pockets. This gorgeous American Crafts (6x6) paper pad was the perfect backdrop for my festive layout. I cut the patterned paper down to (4x4) journal cards and arranged the foundation of my layout. I simply looked for a balance of color & pattern.

Design P Panoramic Page Protector
Filled with AC Scrapbooking Paper

3. I grouped all of my photos & ephemera together "by event" and arranged everything in the pockets until I was satisfied. 

Photo & Ephemera
Arranged in the Page Protector

Layout Design

4. I created my mixed media style Week #52 title card using Thickers alpha stickers, stamps & other embellishments I pulled for my December layouts.

Week #52 Mixed Media
Title Card

5. During the design process, I stapled my photos to the (4x4) patterned scrapbooking paper. I just love how the aqua colored staples add more 'hardware' to my mixed media style layout. My design style is naturally messy, random, & INTENTIONALLY IMPERFECT. I simply looked for balance of color and patterns and HAD FUN!!!

Week #52 Front Left

Week #52 Front Right

Week # 52 Front Close-up

Week #52 Back Left

Week #52 Back Right

Week #52 Back Close-up

Week #52 Front (Complete)

Week #52 Back (Complete)

I pray this photo walk-through was helpful. Please feel free to leave comment or send me an email with any questions you may have.

Have a wonderful day!



  1. Truly amazing. . Love all the colours x

    1. Hi Donna! Thank you SO much for your kindness. I really appreciate you taking time out of your day to leave me some love! I BLESS you, my friend! XOXO

  2. So cute Shelley! I love how you captured so much on 1 page!

    1. Hi Gillian! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I really like the 4x4 pockets. Many blessings to you, my friend! :D