Wednesday, January 28, 2015

4 Ways to Incorporate Mixed Media Elements in your Pocket Scrapbooking Layouts/Week #3 Pocket Scrapbooking Layout!

If you are intrigued by mixed media but you have absolutely 'no idea' how to get started or, if the fear not being perfect is keeping you from giving mixed media a try....BE ENCOURAGED!!! This post is for you!

Your planner & pocket scrapbooking album are both WONDERFUL, safe playgrounds to explore the world of mixed media art. Honestly, the key to getting started is simply taking a single step. 

Today, I will not only be sharing my Week #3 pocket scrapbooking layout, but I will also be sharing four SUPER easy mixed media techniques you can incorporate into your Project Life layouts so you can begin taking "baby steps" into mixed media.

Week #3 Mixed Media
Pocket Scrapbooking Layout

1. Outline Photos and Ephemera with Black Ink. The black Uni-ball Signo (Broad) pen is my pen of choice for adding details. The outlines don't have to be perfect. In fact, I prefer my lines to be more "messy perfect". These imperfect, doodled lines will make your photos & embellishments "pop" and give your work a more 'layered' effect. Your photos & ephemera will appear as though they are leaping off the page!

Here is the transformation of a journal card from "no outlines" to "outlines". Notice how both the photo and the mat become more prominent on the background with the black outlines surrounding all of the edges.
Photo, Mat & Journal Card
without Black Outlining

Photo, Mat & Journal Card
with Black Outlining

2. Distress the Edges of your Photos, Journal Cards, and Ephemera with Black Ink. I prefer a more grungy, weathered look, so I distress EVERYTHING! I typically use black archival ink on paper and black StazOn ink on photos (to avoid smearing). The 'blackened' edges will give your journal cards a more 'arsty' look inside your page protectors.

Journal Card With
Black Distressed Edges
(Edges are NOT distressed
 in the Previous Photos)

3. Add Borders to the Edges of Your Journal Cards. There are two ways to add borders. You can either doodle around the edges of the journal card with black ink or you can use stamps to create a border frame around the perimeter.

For my Week #35 mixed media title card, I used Studio L2E's snowflake list icons from the "Seasonal Plans Fall/Winter" planner stamp set and black archival ink to stamp a border around the edges of my journal card. I also added doodle lines on the inside of the stamps for a double border. Notice how these borders frame my title card below and give the journal card a more 'finished' appearance.

Week #3 Title Card with a
Snowflake Icon Stamp Border
by Studio L2e

4. Use Bits of Mixed Media Collage Paper to Embellish your Journal CardsTorn, cut, or punched painted papers can quickly & easily add visual interest and depth to your pocket scrapbooking layouts. Essentially, there are three sources when it comes to incorporating collage pieces in your layout. First, you can create your own collage elements using painted materials like book, deli, & magazine paper. Second, you can purchase delicious collage bits from your favorite mixed media artists. Most artists sell both prints & downloadable images of their artwork for mixed media collage projects on their websites. Finally, you can exchange mixed media "happy mail" goodies with creative friends. It is super cool to receive someone else's artwork in the mail. These special treasures add a beautiful contrast to your own natural style.

Mixed media artist, Rae Missigman sent me a SUPER GENEROUS package FULL of mixed media goodies a few months ago. Her work always leaves me speechless. I was thrilled that she included some her beautiful collection cards (pictured below). I simply cut her artwork into smaller shapes and used the colorful bits as embellishments in my layout. And, voila'….a quick & easy mixed media look for your pocket scrapbooking layout using collage embellishments.

Mixed Media Collection Cards 
by Rae Missigman

Mixed Media Artwork
by Rae Missigman

Week #3 Mixed Media
Pocket Scrapbooking Layout

I pray this information is helpful. Please feel free to comment below or email me with any questions you may have.

Much love to you,


  1. Shelley, your post was "callin' my name" LOL Thanks for all the great tips. I do have a question...How do you keep your background paper from curling when you use watercolors or sprays? Do you use a special type of paper? The journal card I created curled so much that I had to put it under a pile of books to flatten it.

    1. Hey Gemiel! SUPER glad this post was helpful. THANK YOU for letting me know! I typically use paper from My Cansen mixed media journal. I don't prep my pages with gesso first & actually WELCOME the warped paper. I am a HUGE texture girl so the natural paper curls are beautiful to me. If I did want a flat look, yes, stacking a ton of books on top during the drying process would be my preffered method. I think that is GR8! SMOOCHES!