Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Week #53/Week #1 Filofax Layout Featuring Studio L2E Planner Stamps!

2014 is quickly coming to an end! WOW! What an incredible ride!! 2015 is bound to be a "NEW SEASON" on so many levels. I look forward, with excitement, to all that lies ahead in the new year.

Anthropologie is one of my favorite stores. I frequently use their signature latte bowls to store my delicious ephemera bits. Anyhow, the rich jewel tones showcased in their current winter catalog are simply breathtaking. I just had to give these gorgeous colors a try in my planner this week.

Anthropologie Winter Catalog
Color Palette
I decided to pull the navy, purple, lime green, & gold hues to jumpstart my Week #53/Week #1 Filofax layout. 

Left Side

Right Side

Tip-in (Front w/Pocket Closed)

Tip-In (Front w/Pocket Open)

Tip-In Pocket (Back)

Tip-In (Back)

Journal Card Pocket (Front)
w/Washi Tape Hinge
Journal Cards
"Highlights" from the
Studio L2E
Labels + Tabs Sentiments
Planner Stamp Set
"Note To Self" & "SAT"
from the
Studio L2E
Labels + Tabs Sentiments
Planner Stamp Set

"December" is from the
Studio L2E
Seasonal Plans - Fall/Winter
Planner Stamp Set
"January" & "2015"
are from the
Studio L2E
Track It - Months
Planner Stamp Set
Planner Accessories for the Week!

Week #53/Week #1 Filofax Layout (Complete)

Studio L2E planner stamp sets used in this layout:

Studio L2E
Labels + Tabs Sentiments
Studio L2E
Seasonal Plans: Fall/Winter
Studio L2E
Track It: Months

Many blessings to you during the NEW YEAR!!! ;D

Happy planning,


  1. Shelley Shelley Shelley!!! I can't wait to get on the computer to get a closer view of your art. I absolutely love your work. God has definitely blessed your hands.

    1. Hi Kisha! Happy New Year! Thanks so much. 2015 should be an amazing ride! Can't wait to walk this road together with you! MANY BLESSING! XOXO