Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Week #51 Holiday Filofax Layout Inspired by Traci Bautista (Part 1)!

Last Tuesday, I received a personal invitation from Traci Bautista to participate in one of her 'live steam' mixed media workshops. What???? I honestly could not have asked for a better GIFT. Traci is a phenomenal mixed media artist & I absolutely adore her work. It was such an honor & blessing to just watch her create so freely.

Traci invited her participants to create/play along as she shared some of her simple mixed media techniques. I took FULL ADVANTAGE of this incredible opportunity. During the course of the hour and a half long 'live stream', I was able to create several painted backgrounds. I couldn't get these colorful beauties in my planner fast enough!

My Printmaking Background from
Traci Bautista's 'Live Stream' Workshop

Week #51 Filofax layout (Left side)
The SUPER Cute Deer are from this 
Dollar Spot Gift Bag I Purchased from Target
Week #51 Filofax Layout (Right side)

Week #51 Filofax Layout (Tip in Front)
Pocket "STUFFED" with Journaling Spots

Week #51 Filofax Layout (Tip in Back)
My Hand Lettering & Doodles
from Traci's Workshop

Coach 'Present' Keychain
for Added Glam
Week #51 Filofax Layout (Complete)!
Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the rest of your week!

Happy planning everybody! 


  1. Wow how cool! Love the colors and layers. You are so talented Shelley. (And I'm not just saying that because you spell your name with an "e" LOL)

    1. LOL!!! THANKS, Shelley! Traci is BEYOND OUTSTANDING! It was truly a blessing from God! You have a GR8 name, BTW!

  2. Shelley!!!! My gosh, this is beyond amazing!!! I love it! The colors, shapes within, I'm taking it all in. I wish I could see and touch it in person. You are a unique and amazing talented lady, I love your works of art.

    1. Awwww......Thank you, Kisha for your encouragement. I have a mutual adoration for your work, as well. Love ya MUCH, my friend!