Monday, December 1, 2014

Week #49 ~ "GRAFFITI" Inspired Filofax Layout!

I am a HUGE fan of graffiti art! It blows my mind how this "raw" artistry just comes alive with cans of BEAUTIFULLY COLORED spray paint and a city wall as a blank canvas. Simply INCREDIBLE! 

I thought I would somehow create my very own graffiti background in my planner and use it as a creative jumpstart for my Documented Life Project inspired Filofax layout for Week #49. It was truly a challenge to think "outside the box" and step outside my comfort zone. Now, I am THRILLED about the idea of journaling & planning on "GRAFFITI". Whoo-hoo! ;D

Here is my Week # 49 "graffiti" planner layout:
Week #49 Filofax Layout (Left)
Week #49 Filofax Layout (Right)
Week #49 Filofax Layout (Tip In Front & Journal Card Envelope Front)
Week #49 Filofax Layout (Tip In Back)
Week #49 Journal Card Envelope (Back)
Week #49 Filofax Layout (Complete)

Glimpse of My Final Week #48 Layout 

Here are a couple of sneak peeks of my Final Week #48 layout after adding journaling & planning stickers.
Sneak Peek Of My Final Week #48 Layout (Left)
Sneak Peek Of My Final Week #48 Layout (Right)
Have a WONDERFUL week, everybody!

Much love,
Shelley ;D


  1. Oh my word! Gorgeous does not even begin to describe how lovely these pages are.............totally swooning!!! thumbs up Shelley :)

  2. Good Morning Kele! Your encouragement ALWAYS makes me smile! Thank you for always taking time out to drop me a note. Please know that I REALLY appreciate it. Your kindness will never be forgotten! Much love to you! :D