Monday, November 24, 2014

Week #48 Filofax/Planner Layout Using Paperbag Studio's "Natural Elements" Stamp Set by Rae Missigman!

Hey Guys! I decided to test drive the new "Natural Elements" stamp set designed by the fabulous Rae Missigman in my Documented Life Project inspired Filofax layout for this week. This super versatile stamp set is a wonderful balance of feathers, flowers, and other mixed media shapes.
Paperbag Studio's "Natural Elements"
Stamp Set by Rae Missigman

Beautiful Postcards 

Designed by Roben-Marie Smith

Here is my Week #48 Filofax layout:
Week #48 Filofax Layout (Left)
Rae's Flower & Triangles Stamps
Week #48 Filofax Layout (Right)
Rae's Arrow & Scallops Stamps
Week #48 Filofax Layout (Tip In Front)
Rae's Feather Stamp
Interactive Journal Pocket with 
Washi Tape Hinge (Front)
Interactive Journal Pocket (Back)
Rae's Feather Stamp
Week #48 Filofax Layout (Tip In Back)
Rae's Feather & Scallops Stamps
My Coach Keychain for Added Glam
Week #48 Filofax Layout (Complete)
This "Natural Elements" stamp set is definitely a CLASSIC and would be a wonderful addition to any art lover's stamp collection. You can check out Rae's super awesome "Natural Elements" stamp set at Paperbag Studios.

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  1. This is awesome. Love all the pages!!

    1. Good Morning, Kim! Thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment. I REALLY appreciate your kindness. MANY blessings to you, my dear! :D

  2. One word, well maybe two.........EYE CANDY!!!!