Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Week #44 Pocket Scrapbooking Layout!

Here is my Week #44 pocket scrapbooking layout:
Week #44 Pocket Scrapbooking Layout (COMPLETE)

Week #44 Mixed Media Title Card
November 2014 Calendar
Trick or Treat Artist Trading Card by Lynn Scott
Pocket Housing The Grunge & Glam Boutique "Grand Opening" Ephemera

Nia's Homemade Cotton Candy Costume
Red Fall Leaf
The Girls Headed Out to Get Candy

Nia's class took a field trip to the conservancy last week. As a class chaperone, I was able to capture some great photos for my album. I decided to use this Heidi Swapp "Hello" Photo Flipbook to create a 'mini album' of the field trip right inside my layout.

Heidi Swapp 'Hello'
Photo Flipbook

Field Trip to the Conservancy Mini Album
Using Heidi Swapp's "Hello" Flipbook
Here are just a few pictures inside my flipbook. (Note: I will not be showing the photos with other classmates.
Nia at the Conservancy
Owl at the Conservancy
Messy Journaling from our Field Trip
Heidi Swapp's "Hello" Photo Flipbook

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Much love to you all,

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