Tuesday, November 4, 2014

How I Roll ~ Discovering My Creative Design Style!

I am often asked about my creative design style. To which I usually reply, "I love a little bit of EVERYTHING"! 

Mixed Media Art Journal Layout

*Mixed Media Art Journaling ~ There is freedom in exploring paint, color, & new mixed media techniques all in the privacy of my art journal. Transforming a blank piece of paper into a work of art is super exciting!

*Pocket Scrapbooking ~ I can capture & document my family stories quickly and easily just by sliding pictures & journal cards into pockets.

*The Documented Life Project ~ Staying organized throughout the week is so much easier when I get to organize my week & thoughts on beautifully painted pages.

*Smashbooking ~ The idea of just randomly placing ephemera & journaling on a page with absolutely "no plan" in mind is SO LIBERATING. 

*Filofax Planning ~ As a former corporate America girl, I enjoy mapping out the week ahead & looking back to see all that I was able to accomplish.

Over the past two years, I have learned a ton of documenting & scrapbooking layout techniques from fellow paper crafters. I have also been intrigued by the amazing skills of some pretty talented mixed media artists. Although learning from others has been quite beneficial, I have found that simply spending some time trying different things on my own has been my very best classroom. Over time, I have noticed some patterns that are unique for me. Once I discover my "likes" & "natural patterns", I simply live in those! There is so much joy in creating out of AUTHENTICITY. It's fresh, it's new, it is fulfilling! Honestly, it has taken me well over a year to find my "natural flow". Once I finally tapped into this creative place, nothing else will do! 

In my next "How I Roll" post, I will guide you through some self-evaluation questions that will help guide you on your journey to discovering your own creative design style.

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