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Monday, November 10, 2014

Documenting My December 2014 ~ "My 4~Part Approach"!

Now that I have evaluated how I captured & documented my 2013 December memories, I have come with a game plan to help me stay on track this Christmas season.

Here is my plan for documenting my December 2014:

1)  ONE Album! ~ Instead of creating a separate 'mini' album to document my December memories, this year I will only use my "main" pocket scrapbooking album. I believe this strategy will simplify my process & give me MORE time to spend with my family.

2) No Scrapbooking Kit This Year! ~ I have decided to curate my own documenting December kit from my leftover Gossamer Blue Main Scrapbook Kits, leftover goodies from 2013 Gossamer Blue December Memories Kit, & various Christmas scrapbooking supplies that I have on hand. Not only will this strategy save me some money, it will also help me use up my existing stash. It's a "win-win" decision!

3)  Photos, Photos, Photos!!! ~  I have learned that I am more motivated to document my life regularly when I take plenty of photos. The "photo a day" strategy helps me to stay focused throughout the year. For the month of December, I plan to double my photo taking efforts to ensure that I have plenty of special moments to document. I pray that this strategy will keep me from overloading my album with 'filler' cards and/or other materials that simply fill my album, but don't necessarily tell meaningful family stories.

4) Document EVERYDAY! ~ This year, I plan to work on my album a little bit EVERYDAY while the stories are fresh in my mind. I don't want to miss a single moment! Like last year, I will prepare my foundation journal cards in the month of November. That way, when December arrives, I simply print my pictures, journal, & embellish my layouts.

I would love to hear what your December documenting plans are. Please leave a comment below or shoot me an email.

Okay, it's preparation time! Later this week, I will share all of my documenting December supplies and how I will store all of my goodies for easy access.

See ya next time!


  1. Hi Shelley!
    Totally loving these posts!!! They have been helpful and provided some ideas for my own prep. I did a similar prep last year but there were a few things I did not do in advance and I plan to incorporate in my prep this year i.e cutting all my papers down to size. Unlike you, I am using an a separate album but I decide to make mine out of chipboard instead of buying one. I also want to put my silhouette to use. I plan to minimize the amount of embellishment I include in my DIY kit. I think I gave myself too many option and too much is never really a good thing. I have a large wooden rectangle basket and some ramekins that I will use to store my embellishments for easy access and portability. I cannot wait to see your next posts on organization. Looking forward to being inspired. Thanks for always inspiring me and have a very happy and blessed day. :)

    1. Oh Kele, I LOVE your December documenting plan. It's always nice to hear how others are planning for the Christmas season. Thanks so much for sharing. You definitely have to post some pics so I can see you beautiful album. Love ya much! Shelley