Thursday, October 30, 2014

Week #43 Pocket Scrapbooking Layout!

Here is my single page protector layout for dates Monday, October 20th through Sunday, October 29th:
Week #43 ~ Pocket Scrapbooking Layout (Complete)
Mixed Media Title Card for Week #43
Parent Thank You Note & Hand Drawn Picture
of Kevin From One the Students in His
2nd & 3rd Grade Class at Church
Sleepover Pictures
"I Love Fall"
Nat's Headshot
Baby Shower Pictures
The Leaves on the Tree Outside Our House
Nia's Headshot
Enjoy the rest of your week!

XOXO, Shelley


  1. Do some of your sentiments go on the outside of your pockets? It looks like the "brilliant" sticker on Nat's head shot is on the outside.

    1. Good Morning Carolyn! GREAT EYE! LOL! Yes, "Brilliant" & several other embellishments are adhered to the "outside" of the page protector. I am a HUGE texture girl! Sometimes I go "outside" if I want texture. Sometimes the embellie is too big for the pocket. Or, I may even choose to place an embellishment outside the page protector if it applies to more than one pocket. Just do what'cha like! :D Thanks for the love & have a wonderful weekend, lady!