Tuesday, October 7, 2014

"Put it in the Pocket" ~ Pocket Scrapbooking 101:6 "The Reality of Photo Printing"!

When it comes to printing photos for your pocket scrapbooking layouts, you essentially have three options: 1) print your photos at home, 2) use an online photo processing company or 3) print your photos at a local retailer or drug store.

Printing pocket scrapbooking photos at home is probably the most popular option for many paper crafters because you can:
  • Print your photos as you go, without delay;
  • Print multiple pictures per sheet; and
  • Journal immediately while the memories are fresh in your mind (less planning required).
For these reasons, I choose to print my photos in the convenience of my own home. I use a Canon Selphy CP910 Black wireless color printer to print all of my pictures.The printing process is seamless. I simply use my free Canon printer app on my mobile phone or iPad to print my photos via WiFi connection directly to my printer. You can purchase this and/or other Canon Selphy models at your local Best Buy store or online at Amazon.com for about $90.

Canon Selphy CP910 
Black Wireless Color 
Photo Printer

The Canon Selphy CP910 photo paper & ink cartridge sets can also be purchased at Best Buy or Amazon.com. Each $35 set contains three color ink cartridges & 108 photo printer sheets.
Canon Ink & Paper Set
For Select Canon Selphy
 Multicolor Printers
Canon Ink & Paper Sets Include 3 Ink Cartridges &
5 Packs (108 Sheets) of 4x6 Glossy Printer Paper
Your second pocket scrapbooking photo printing option is to use an online photo processing company to reproduce your pictures. Some popular online photo processing companies include:

Using an online photo processor is quite easy. You simply upload your photos to the online retailers website, select your print options, & your photos will be shipped to your home or place of business usually within 3 to 5 business days. Please keep in mind that this photo printing option requires additional planning & more time compared to printing your pictures at home. Check out the above online photo retailers to determine which vender best suits your personal needs & memory making goals.

Processing your pocket scrapbooking photos at a local retailer or drug store is your last option. If you are considering printing locally, you may want to check out: 

These companies strive to offer 1-hour & same day photo processing service options to meet the growing convenience demands of the consumer. Most of the above local retailers & local drugstores also offer online photo printing services. Be sure to check each company's website for the most competitive rates & best value. Please keep in mind that this option also requires a  bit more planning compared to printing photos at home. 

HELPFUL TIP: If you plan to process your photos online or at a local retailer/drug store, you may want to consider recording all of your journaling notes in a planner or on a calendar. This planning will help you keep all of your notes in one place and also give you "good recall" of your special moments when you begin recording your stories in your pocket scrapbooking album.

I hope this information is helpful as you begin to explore your pocket scrapbooking photo printing options. As always, please feel free to leave a comment below or send me an email should you have any questions.

Up next in this series.….."Put it in the Pocket" ~ Pocket Scrapbooking 101:7 "The Beauty of Scrapbooking Kits"!

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  1. How do you know what size to print your photos, or do you always choose the same size?

    1. Hey Carolyn, GR8 question!! The size of your photos is primarily driven by the design & pocket orientation of your page protector. If you chose the popular "Design A" pocket page protectors, you will need to plan for 4 horizontal 4x6 pics and 4 vertical 3x4 pics. My pics RARELY fill the entire pocket. I normally cut all of my photos down to show some of the patterned paper. It also always me plenty of space for my mixed media artwork & embellishments. Honestly, the choice is yours! Hope this helps! Let me know! Smooches!!