Sunday, October 19, 2014

Mixed Media Ephemera Tutorial Using Unique Laser Design's Daisies Wood Embellishments!

Mixed media ephemera is a wonderful way to leverage your own artwork in your planner, art journal, and/or mail art. These "POPS" of color are not only fun to make, they also add interest & texture to any project. 

For this ephemera, I wanted to use a fall/autumn color pallette. However, I didn't want to use strictly traditional fall colors. So, I headed over to Pinterest for some inspiration. This fall/autumn color pallette below struck me immediately! I just love the untraditional aqua, purple, & gray/taupe coupled with the more traditional maroon, orange, & brown.

Grab your Gelli plate (Note: The back of a clear cutting board works GREAT if you don't have a Gelli plate) and acrylic paint from your stash to match our selected fall/autumn color pallete! Let's get this party started:

Add several random drops of the lavender
 & aqua paint to your Gelli plate.

Use a brayer or an old credit card/gift card
 to GENTLY blend the acrylic paint across 
the surface of your Gelli plate. 
Place several leaves 
on top of the acrylic paint to create
 natural printmaking stencils.
Place a piece of mixed media paper on top 
of the acrylic paint & leaves. Use your brayer 
or fingers to press the mixed media paper 
on top of the leaves
& acrylic paint. Be sure to press FIRMLY 
and cover the ENTIRE piece of paper.

Printmaking using acrylic paint & leaves.

Use Heidi Swapp Tinsel 
Color Shine and 
your favorite leaf stencil to
create spray ink prints. This super cute
hot glue stencil was a gift from a friend.
Printmaking using Heidi Swapp 
Color Shine & a homemade
 hot glue stencil.

Select several collage pieces from your 
stash that match the fall color pallete.
I have selected a printed napkin, 
paint swatches, vintage music sheet,
 & textured cardstock.

Adhere random bits of your collage 
pieces to your background with 
Uhu glue or matte medium.

Use archival ink and a script stamp set
 to randomly add another layer of
 color to your background.

Paint gesso around the edges of the 
collage pieces to give your background 
a more cohesive look.

Randomly add bits of coordinating 
washi tape to the background.

Use orange acrylic paint and bubble wrap
to add another layer of
color & texture to your background.

Randomly add more bits of washi tape 
to the background.

Randomly stamp PARTIAL flowers all 
over the background using black 
archival ink. I used this floral background 
stamp by Dylusions.

Add details to the bubble wrap print by
 outlining the circles with a black 
Inktense pencil & white Uni-ball Signo pen.

Randomly add groups of outlined black 
dots to your background using a Black Pitt Pen
 marker & black Uni-ball Signo pen.

Brush the entire background surface 
with gold Heidi Swapp Color Shine Spray Ink.

Randomly 'flick" aqua acrylic paint all over 
the background with a toothbrush.

Use a punch or die cutting
machine to create shapes in your 
completed mixed media background. 
I used a 2" inch circle punch.

Distress the edges of all the circles 
with black archival ink.

Adhere Unique Laser Design's wood daisies 
to the punched circles with hot glue.

Adhere a rhinestone 'blingie' to the 
ULD wood daisies with hot glue and outline 
the flowers with a black Uni-ball Signo pen.

Each piece of mixed media ephemera is UNIQUE!!!

Add these yummy bits to your art journal layout, 
planner, and/or mail art.
I hope you enjoyed this mixed media ephemera tutorial! See ya next time!



  1. Shelley this is an absolute awesome post! I love the ephemera you created and your layering techniques. Your artwork continues to be knock out amazing!!

  2. Awwwwww......THANK YOU, Kisha!!! That blesses me so much. I consider you to be the "QUEEN" of mixed media layering, for real. Your layers ALWAYS ROCK! SMOOCHES, my friend! :D

  3. I just love watching your step by step process. Always wowing me with your awesomeness. I think I have a few of those daisies in my totally inspired me to use them in a way I would not have though to, so thanks again for sharing your creative wisdom with us all. :)

    1. Hey Kele, THANK YOU!!! PLEASE send me pic if you try it. I would love to see your beautiful work. I hope you are having a BLAST on your trip! Your pics are absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!

  4. Shelley, these are fabulously gorgeous embellishments and look fun to make! I appreciate the step-by-step. I was confused by the way you used the word ephemera, though. You did not create any ephemera. You created an embellishment MADE of ephemera (the napkin, paint swatches, and sheet music). Ephemera are printed things meant to be thrown away after using. You made a stunning embellishment with the ephemera you used--and now nobody would ever dream of throwing the final product away! Ever!

  5. Hi Teresa! Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your comment. Many blessings to you!