Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Workspace Wednesday ~ "REDEEMED" Junk Girl Industrial Storage Unit Transformation!

THIS industrial storage unit was the FIRST THING I spotted when I went by one of my FAVORITE local vintage boutiques last Wednesday. It was sitting outside the store right next to the street. I was TOTALLY afraid to look at the tag. Just knew it was gonna be at least $100. I have to admit, there was a little fear in my heart as I slowly flipped the tag over to check out the price. $37……..WHAT????? NO WAY! The lady standing right next to me asked me if I liked the piece. "YEAH", I said, without hesitation! She proceeded to tell me that she is one of the store's vendors and that she found this beauty in an old warehouse in downtown Baltimore. I asked her if the price tag was correct. She said, "Yes, it's $37!" SOLD!!! This SUPER COOL lady was THRILLED that I actually "GOT IT"….that I actually saw the same beauty in this piece that she did. I thought to myself, "Who wouldn't, this baby is GORGEOUS!" LOL!

I couldn't get this treasure in my car fast enough. It's SUPER HEAVY & SUPER BULKY, but I DID IT! I just kept looking at it in awe. It was all rusty, damaged, & considered by many to be old junk. In my mind, all I could see was the beauty of the transformed piece. I just couldn't wait to take my new find home.

As I was driving home, I just kept thinking about that huge piece of metal in the back of my car. What is it about this thing??? It's just rusted metal. Then, it finally hit me…..I am that piece of metal in the back of my car! I am that old, rusty, damaged piece of junk that God chooses to crown with His love, grace, & mercy.  I am so very GRATEFUL for the Lord's transforming power in my life. God no longer sees MY "damage" & "rust". Praise the Lord, I AM REDEEMED! 

The original industrial storage unit.

OOOOOO….Liquitex Spray Paint 
at my local Michael's store.

A shade of BLUE, of course!
Liquitex Cobalt Blue Hue 6

Rust inside the drawers.
Rust & damage on the side.
First spray painted drawer.
Light coat of spray paint on top of the rust.
Two cans & coats of spray paint.
Used this sanding block to
distress the edges & expose
some of the original rust.
Exposed "grungy" edges after distressing.
Painted storage unit under my workspace desk.
Added some "glam" by adhering these blingy knobs to the drawers.

Glam shot.

Wooden stamp storage in bottom drawer.

Top two drawers are empty (at least, for now).
And VIOLA'!!! I just LOVE this piece.
I hope you enjoyed this DIY storage transformation. Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Replies
    1. Hey Tiffany! Thanks so much my friend!!!! XOXO

  2. I truly love this transformation. I knew it was going to be even more beautiful after you added your touches. Great job! I so wish this beauty was in my space! Love it, enjoy!

  3. I always love hearing from you, Kele! I really appreciate all of your love & encouragement….FOR REAL!!!

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    1. Man, I just LOVE your name! LOL! RIGHT! I am SO trilled about my new unit. Still trying to figure out what to put in the top 2 drawers. I'm SURE it won't take me long to fill them up! Thanks, lady! :D