Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Week #38 ~ Pocket Scrapbooking Layout & How I Use Hidden Journaling Cards!

Real estate is "prime" in my weekly pocket scrapbooking layouts. Hidden journal cards are not only a wonderful way to disguise personal journaling, they also help reserve the 'center stage' in my layouts for my photos & journal ephemera. 
A 3x4 hidden journal card.
This week, I decided to go with a single page protector layout instead of a double. Because my layout space was limited to a single page, I created a hidden journal card booklet to house all of my journaling notes for the entire week. I simply used washi tape to adhere two 3x4 journal cards together.
The front cover of the hidden
journal card booklet.
I had plenty of space to journal diagonally between the lines.
Inside the journal card booklet.
The front & back covers of the booklet. Just
overlook the fact that my camera journal card is upside down :D.
Week #38 ~ Pocket Scrapbooking Layout (COMPLETE)!
And, there you have it! Please let me know if you have any questions!

XOXO Shelley


  1. This looks awesome! Do you have a YouTube channel? Ps. I follow you on Instagram. I'm mypurpleobsession��

    1. Good Morning Stacey! Thanks for your kind comment. Unfortunately, my plate is OVERFLOWING with my fam & all my gigs. I may consider incorporating some process vid on my blog in the future. I will keep you posted! SMOOCHES!!!