Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Week 35 Pocket Scrapbooking Layout!

Last week in my Pocket Scrapbooking 101-2 "Motivation to Document Your Life" post, I shared my Week 35 layout from last year (2013). This week, I am sharing my Week 35 layout for this year (2014). Week 35 (August 25th through August 31st) was jam packed with activities: The first day of school, basketball playoffs, Nia's birthday, & the launch of my new blog. I am super grateful that I get to preserve glimpses of these awesome blessings in my album so they can be remembered for years to come. 

Week 35 ~ Title Card!

1st Day of School (for the kids)!

Ist Day of School for Me! :D Gift Card Envelope with Pic & Journaling!

Game Time for the Boys

The Birthday Girl!

Miniature Golf for the Birthday Celebration!

Week 35 ~ (Insert)
Saved the Foil Birthday Balloon,
Curling Ribbons, & Confetti!

Week 35 ~ (left side)!

Week 35 ~ (right side)!

Week 35 ~ (Complete without Insert)!
Week 35 ~ (Complete with Insert Inside My Album)!
Thanks so very much for stopping by! Smooches! Shelley :D


  1. The gift card envie is genius! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hey Carolyn! Thanks so much, my dear for your comment. I ALWAYS LOVE hearing from you! :D

  2. The week 35 title card is one of my faves. I watched your flipagram at least 10 times on insta and that is no exaggeration. Loved watching the process.

  3. YAY! Thanks, Kele! I am about to work on my week 36 title card tonight. I realized that it is kinda like doing a "weekly" ICAD. I learn so much just by 'winging it'! LOL! Huggies! Shelley