Saturday, September 20, 2014

Diaries of a Junk Girl (9.20.14)

Today, one of my favorite local vintage spots had an outdoor yard sale to celebrate their anniversary. You know what that means….SUPER SALE! Everything was 20% off! 

Here are a few "beauties" that I found:
Pocket Scrapbooking Supplies Organizer

Vintage Polaroid Cameras &
Painted Wooden Letter Trays

Painted Stools

Vintage Wooden Shutter

Vintage Jar Filled with Mini Moleskine Journals

And of course, I used Clorox Bleach
& Disinfecting Wipes to clean my new finds. 
Thinking about selling some of my vintage finds in my shop. I will keep you posted. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Much love to you, Shelley


  1. I love all your junk finds! Great score!

  2. Thanks, my dear!!! It was a GOOD day! XOXO, Shelley